Emotional story of a man who vowed never to give up on his dying girlfriend

The story of a man who has vowed not to give up on this girlfriend despite the fact that she is now unable to walk and do anything for herself, has sent emotions spiraling through the minds of many.

According to the post shared by Afrimax, It all started back in 2014 when she got infected but it wasn’t as bad as it is right now.

The lady was gradually turning into a “tree” and nobody had an idea where it was coming from or how to stop what was going on.

About 7 years ago, she was in school about 15years old when she started feeling pain in her knees. She was normal like any other child and everyone thought it was normal.

But it became so severe and despite visits to hospitals, the problem persisted. However, her boyfriend has stayed by her side through her years of turmoil.

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Credit: CorrectNG

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