”Europe and America are not easier than Africa” – Nigerian man says after leaving UK to start business in Lagos

London-born Nigerian businessman, Paul Onwuanibe has shared his struggle-to-sucess story of how he had to relocate from UK to seek a fresh lease of life.

Paul is the chief executive officer of Landmark Beach, a very beautiful beach located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Speaking on why he left UK for Nigeria, the CEO said says that no matter how long one resides abroad, there always is that vacuum of not having a sense of belonging and this was one of the thoughts that informed his decision to set up the Landmark Beach.

In an interview with vlogger Tayo Aina, Paul who was born to a diplomat and had his formative education in Lagos, added that his passion for making impact in the lives of those around him was also part of the reasons he had to leave the UK.

The Landmark Beach is an ecosystem on its own that contains virtually all facility and sectors of lives needed to enjoy life to its fullest including bars, restaurants, an events centre, shops, hotels and so forth.

“Europe and America are not easier than Africa by the way. They have their own challenges as well but very different challenges. So, one of the thing I made up my mind when coming to Africa was to create a business in Africa, for Africans, run by Africans.

“That’s what we do. We don’t have any foreigner working for us. Everybody is African.”

Paul however called for more partnership between the public and private sectors as lack of an enabling environment has been a major challenge he’s faced.

He said the partnership is necessary as public sector can give the private the leverage to grow businesses in geometric proportions.

Paul also encouraged budding entrepreneurs to hold dear to the triad virtues of patience, resilience and passion as they’re pivotal to his success.

Credit: Newzandar

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