God has done it – American lady jubilates after getting Nigerian visa

An American woman has narrated how she got the visa to travel to Nigeria only after a week of application – a process which took her friends close to a month due to the inefficiency of Nigerian officials.

The woman who is a missionary travelling to Nigeria, told Newzandar News how her visa processing cost a total $850 (about N350,000), adding that it was a “miracle” the visa got through in one week.

Processing the visa from United States Capital, Washington DC, the woman narrated that she did not have to pay kickbacks only because the Nigerian Mission had “a good relationship with the travel agency.”

“It took my friends three and a half weeks to get their Nigerian visas. It can take a while to get. I don’t believe it’s that hard though; this is my second time using this office. They are more pricey, but it’s not that difficult. It’s a simple process.

“The first time it was hectic; if you are not providing right documentations, that puts longer delay. God’s done it. The officials didn’t demand money as kickbacks. They have a good relationship with a travel agency.”

Olivia added that the visa showed up at her door in less than one week, surprisingly as against the kickbacks regime at the Nigerian Mission.

“My Nigerian visa story this time is; someone went to Washington. The agencies closed. She paid close to $350 but by the time she added travel and computer costs, it was close to $550. My visa came out to $850. That was the total amount spent. The travel agency has a good relationship with Nigeria. I got this Nigerian visa in less than a week. It is a miracle. It showed up at my door. Glory to God,” she narrated.

Credit: CorrectNG

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