Homeless man rejects tea given to him by good Samaritan, says he prefers coffee

A Good Samaritan, has revealed that a homeless man who sleeps on the street rejected a beverage she gave him in good faith.

According to the lady with Twitter handle @MilkyLazarus, she offered the man a cup of tea, but he declined and said he wants coffee instead.

While sharing the story, the lady said that she felt humbled by his response because it made her realise that she should have tried to know his preference by asking.

She wrote; ”A homeless man today refused to take a tea I bought for him because he didn’t drink tea – he said he preferred coffee. That humbled me because I shouldn’t have assumed that he would like tea, I should’ve asked.

In my defence I assumed everyone liked tea. It was part of a meal deal for something he did ask for. Tea was first go to”

See her post:

Credit: Newzandar

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