”I am relocating with your bestfriend” – Man tells his ex-girlfriend two months after she dumped him

Whenever a couple breakup, sometimes it is hard for one or both parties to swiftly move on with ease.

At times, one might feel more heartbroken and sad if his or her partner moves on quicker than expected.

A Nigerian man recently shared screenshots of his chat with his ex-girlfriend, where he revealed that he has moved on two months after they broke up.

According to their conversation, he wanted to apologise to her and disclose that he will be relocating to Abuja with her bestfriend

However, she didn’t receive the news calmly as she was stunned that he had not only moved on after two months, but that he was now planning to relocate with her bestfriend whom he is now dating.

Sharing their chat, the man identified as @CaptDanky on Twitter wrote;

”E Choke her”

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Credit: Newzandar

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