”I’m proud to be your wife, you work so hard to provide for me and our children” – Nigerian woman eulogises her husband

A Nigerian woman has showered encomiums on her husband in appreciation of his commitment to taking care of his nuclear family.

She took to social media to commend him for his hardworking and caring spirit, saying that she is extremely proud to be his wife.

According to the woman identified on IG as Rukkiebeddings, her husband who works as a bricklayer, does everything humanly possible to provide for her and their children.

Rukkie shared a video of him at work and wrote;

”This man right here is My husband ♥️

My joy?

My bestie?

My backbone?

Yes he deserve all happiness in this world ?

He always make me happy ♥️

He did everything to make and our children Happy, he work hard everyday, even on Sunday he can’t sleep too much that is time for us too ?

I pay him visit today ?

He has to work too , because rain can start anytime soon , he work his ass off festival is here too he got lot of bills to pay can’t imagine my life without him ? basically a God sent for me? to get work is not easy his work is on and off(na person that done belly full de build ?) , what of traffic after work so hard? Lagos, if my husband I mean anybody in Lagos give you 5k you need to thank them so much, because to raise that 5k is not an easy job ?, when he do join man (I think that’s what he use to call it?) hard work a day 3500 ? you can imagine how much, unless if he got the contract himself (is better) but to get the contract himself is not easy too, how hard our husbands works to meet our demand God bless every man out there tiring to get things DONE for their family ?

God bless you Olami I love you so much , am proud to be your wife.”

See her post:

Watch the video below:

Credit: CorrectNG

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