Money will attract the woman of your dreams but not a real woman – Omokri

Nigerian author and human rights activist, Reno Omokri has penned some of his noteworthy nuggets that dwells on relationship matters.

According to Omokri, it is more advisable for men to marry a woman who is real and whose goals align with theirs rather than settling for the woman of one’s dreams, the type with the curves and killing shape but may not have similar life goals.

He shared the advise on Instagram, noting that character and not money would attract the woman a man needs.

“Dear men, Money will attract the woman you want. But only character can attract the woman you need. Therefore, pray for wisdom and discernment, so you don’t marry the woman of your dreams.

Because you will surely wake up from your dream one day and face reality. There are no dream women. There are only real women. Some are good, some are bad, just like men. But if you are dreaming, you won’t be able to know the difference between the good and the bad,” Omokri wrote.

Credit: CorrectNG

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