Nengi and Ozo fight over meat (watch)

Moments after Big Brother Naija housemate, Nengi told fellow housemate Ozo that she cannot spend time away from him, she’s forced to retract her statement after they had a new argument over meat.

Last night Ozo and Nengi had a fight over some chicken Nengi ate, and Nengi who didn’t like how Ozo spoke to her about it walked away.

Ozo fight

Ozo who wasn’t comfortable with the rift between them went to the Head of House lounge after the Saturday night party to talk things through.

Ozo apologized to Nengi and as usual professed his undying love to Nengi.

The Bayelsa born model who wasn’t having any of it, ordered Ozo to his room as she expressed shock that Ozo could be upset with her over food.

She said,

“It’s not a problem to me, food?….really, meat….are you f*cking kidding me, you got upset with me over meat….please I want to go to bed, can you go to your room”.

Speaking further, Nengi stated that Ozo knows her so well and meat shouldn’t be a reason for her love interest, Ozo to get angry with her.

In her words,

“I dont understand how you know me so well, and we are eating and you got upset because I ate the meat like…. WTF…what a reason to get upset”.



Credit: YabaLeftO


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