Security man quits job to further his education, drops letter of appreciation for his female boss

A security man seeking to further his education, has appreciated his female boss for her show of kindness towards him.

The boss, a HR Professional identified as Felicia Opoku-Folitse took to the Linkedln to share the personal letter her security man wrote to her as he quit the job.

According to her, the security man handed her the personal letter on Monday, February 22 just as she resumed for the day’s work.

The man had gotten admission into the Institute of Accountancy training in Accra, Ghana and to bid his female boss farewell, he wrote her a personal letter.

She was touched by the 10-paragraphed letter from the security man, who wasn’t related to her in anyway

He said Felicia’s attitude gave him a sense of belonging and that he was very grateful for.

Sharing a photo of the letter, Felicia wrote;

”Well, I’m a bit emotional and overwhelmed this morning by a personal letter I received from an outsourced Security Guard who usually is stationed in our Admin block during the day and felt like sharing. This is someone who isn’t even a direct staff….

When I entered the block this morning, I gave him my usual greeting and smiled as well

😄. Then he quickly followed me and said “ Madam I have a letter for you”. I asked who asked him to deliver it to me and he said it was from him to me.

I was eager to read the letter so when I entered my office, I put my bag down and quickly opened the letter to read it’s content. Reading the letter made me emotional and I instantly sat down and started to reflect on a lot of things.

One thing that kept resonating is to treat people with respect irrespective of their position/rank in life. Be nice to people and smile always as it cost nothing.

All someone may need from you today is a simple greeting or a smile to lift up their spirit

😃. Be nice to people and spread happiness

Have a blessed week ahead !”

Read the letter below:

Credit: CorrectNG

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