Sugar daddy caught drooling over his side chic’s nude video while at the airport

A Sugar daddy has become a subject of banter on social media after he was spotted chatting and admiring his side chic’s nudes on his phone while at the airport.

The side chic appeared to have sent her nude video to him, and he decided to check it out just as he was waiting for his flight.

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A fellow passenger who was also waiting at the airport lobby, caught wind of the elderly man’s chat with the side chic named Jennifer, and took some photos.

The sugar daddy was caught on tape while typing a compliment  to the side chic after watching the video.

The message he wrote reads; ”Baby you are succulent”

The social media user who posted it online captioned the photo;

”Come get your dad at the airport please”

Reacting, @GhostmodeAbj wrote; Is this not invasion of privacy??

@kentosaro replied @GhostmodeAbj: Indecency and wickedness in privacy should remain private abi?

@ahladin007; As funny as it looks. It isn’t right doh

@MrChukwudi001; Chai… Sugar daddies & their vivid descriptions… “You are succulent”

@bimpeeky; Daddy ti pada cast last las

@TunmiseAJ; He didn’t even download the video.

Credit: CorrectNG

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