UK-based Nigerian boy laments over racism, begs Buhari to fix Nigeria (Video)

A UK-based Nigerian boy identified as Isaac has pleaded with the Muhammadu Buhari-led government to fix the many challenges that bedeviling Nigeria.

The four-year-old in a heartfelt video on social media was seen crying uncontrollably with his mother because of the level of discrimination in his school.

According to Isaac, he loved his white classmates but wasn’t sure if the feeling was the same with them.

Isaac said; “My name is Isaac. I feel good going to school every day. I feel happy with my friends in school but I am not sure they are happy with me because they don’t play with me all the time. They don’t play with me all the time because I don’t have the same skin colour as them. I feel sad about that.

“I wish to go to high school in Nigeria because everyone in Nigeria has the same colour as me. I feel connected with them.”

His mother who didn’t mention her name said, “But, you don’t have experience of what Nigeria looks like. You know people are saying a lot of bad things about Nigeria. You left Nigeria when you were eighteen months old.”

She was also crying bitterly while narrating how her son used to tell her many terrible things white children were doing to him in school because of his colour.

“Do something about Nigeria. We are not happy here. We want to come back home but no social amenities. No school. Fear of insecurity is another problem. Please, do something. How can I take them to the hospital when they are sick? We want to come back home, do something,” she cried.

Watch the video:

Credit: CorrectNG

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