Unemployed man orders his girlfriend who pays his rent to be submissive

An unemployed Nigerian man has ordered his girlfriend who pays his rent and caters for all his needs to be submissive.

A WhatsApp conversation between the couple has surfaced online and it shows the two of them arguing over what they expect from each other.

In the chat the girlfriend is seen complaining that her boyfriend always wants to show that he’s the man of the relationship by beating her.

According to the girlfriend although she pays his rent and foot all the bills in the relationship doesn’t make him less a man.

Kenechukwu drew his girlfriend’s attention to his inadequacy with regards to her funding of the relationship makes him seem like a weakling, hence his decision to constantly beat her.

He noted that because she’s the one providing funds, she has not been submissive in the relationship.

The unemployed boyfriend insisted that he doesn’t like it when any of his orders are not obeyed.

However, the girlfriend told her man that the days when women blindly follow their man’s directions without question were over, that if she thinks his idea or suggestion is wrong, she would speak up.

After the long conversation, the boyfriend refused to change his stance and the girlfriend ended the relationship.

See screenshot of their chat below,



Credit: YabaLeftO


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