Unless The Guy Is 100% Gay – Princess Shyngle Reacts To Timini Egbuson And Dorcas Fapson Being Besties

Actress Princess Shyngle has disagreed with the claims of Dorcas Shola Fapson of being best friends with Timini Egbuson without having any intimacy saying there’s nothing as such.

Dorcas Shola Fapson yesterday reacted to rumors of sleeping with Timini Egbuson all in the name of besties saying those who think they are sleeping together are people that can’t control their sexual drive when with the opposite gender.

Princess Shyngle reacting to that disagreed with Dorcas Shola saying there’s nothing like a man and woman being best friends in Africa unless the guy I 100% gay if not they will be sleeping with each other at some point in time even if they both have their separate partners.

Using herself as an example, Princess Shyngle said she got married to her best friend of 10yrs recently, and at the time they were forming best friends and things they were sleeping with each other even though they both had partners who believed they were just best friends.

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Therefore, Dorcas Fapson’s claims of not sleeping with Timini Egbuson are not true and can only be true if he’s 100% gay which he obviously isn’t hence they should stop deceiving themselves and their partners if they have any with their bestie thing.

Princess Shyngle then advised that no one should allow their partner to have a bestie of the opposite sex no matter what as at some point in time, they will definitely sleep with each other especially when they have been sharing a bed together and going on trips all alone.

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Source: Newzandar News

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