Women always make fun of me – Young man who sells periwinkle for a living (Video)

A young trader identified as Victor Akpan, has spoken on how he makes a living selling periwinkles, and the challenges he encounters.

The Oyingbo market businessman said many people, especially ladies always laugh at him, saying that he is engaging in a trade meant for women.

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Victor who spoke with Legit, revealed that even when mothers used him as a good example to their male children, the kids would say they can never resort to such a venture.

The father of three said that since stealing is not an option for him, selling periwinkles is his only way of surviving.

According to the trader who only has secondary school education, he would have loved to continue schooling if he had support and his father was not deceased.

Watch the full interview below:

My wife's friends mock me because of this business - Periwinkle seller | Legit TV Credit: Newzandar

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