Young man celebrates as he moves into his own house after 12 years of living in rented apartment

A man has taken to social media to celebrate as he finally moved into his own house, sealing his status as a homeowner.

Raymond Chisara, who was excited about the positive change in his life, shared his story on LinkedIn with a photo of him holding the keys to the apartment and a neatly wrapped gift for himself.

According to the young man, he had lived in a rented apartment for 12 years. He recalled how he told people who visited him in the rented abode that he was going to be a house owner and now, it has happened.

“The power of words. I have been a tenant for the past 12 years. Today I officially became a home owner. When people used to come to our place they would say, ‘Is this your place?’ and I would reply ‘No it’s not but when we move from here we will go to our place.

“Honestly I didn’t know how it would happen. Those were just words but today they were fulfilled. Trust God , trust the process. Eating the fruits of your mouth. Glory be to God. #motivation #inspiration #happiness #life,” he wrote.

Glency Mutandwa said; Congrats….the good Lord will surely open more doors for you. Start thinking big and consider buying another house so that you become a landlord and that’s how you start investment for your future. All the best.

Komane Matsepe; Congratulations my brother. We must never stop dreaming and putting action into our dreams. Congratulations my brother and it is good news to become an Owner in this difficult times. Congratulations my brother.

Credit: CorrectNG

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