A man is more likely to get HIV from his girlfriend than from a sex worker – Nigerian doctor

A Nigerian doctor has taken to social media to reveal that there is a higher chance of a man getting the dreaded HIV from his girlfriend than from a sex worker.

According to young man identified on Twitter as Dr Penking, an NGO carried out HIV tests on all the prostitutes in a brothel but didn’t record any positive case.

He stated that it’s because the call girls are careful having realised that their job is risky, so they hardly allow their clients to sleep with them without protection.

Dr Penking said a girlfriend on the other hand usually has unprotected s*x with her man and also does same with other men, which leaves her boyfriend vulnerable to get the deadly virus.

He wrote; “An NGO did HIV test in a brothel yesterday. They didn’t get even one positive. Quite surprisingly, it is more likely for your girlfriend to be HIV positive than it is for a prost!tute. This is because your girlfriend will allow you and two others hit raw. Use condom always.

Name of NGO is [email protected] and they are committed to providing free healthcare to the most vulnerable groups of people in Nigeria and Africa”

Credit: Newzandar

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