Tips for Creating a Personal Health and Wellness Plan

Almost everyone has this mindset of “don’t fix it except it’s broken”, but that is not how the body works. The human body requires enough attention and preemptive care, which is why you should intentionally create a personal health and wellness plan. It will not only improve your health but also your entire life.

When you’re reading this and you’re young, trust us, it will be prudent to plan ahead for you really can’t predict how your health goes as you grow older. If you’re reading this and you’re older, then it’s still a win-win situation for you because you’ll be able to lower if not prevent your risk of developing certain illnesses. A new outlook in life goes a long way.

What is a Health and Wellness Plan?


It is an action plan that aims to achieve personal wellness. Wellness refers to the quality of being healthy particularly as a consciously sought goal. This implies that your lifestyle should promote good health.

A wellness plan considers all dimensions of personal wellness – environmental, mental, intellectual, professional, financial, spiritual, and physical health. Each dimension requires nurturing development and maintenance for optimal well-being.

Key Questions for Assessing Your Health

When you want to create an action plan for your well-being, you need to find out your goals for each aspect of your life. Asking some questions may help you see the areas where your life needs improvement so you can set your goals accordingly.

Environmental Health


This is a quality of being in sync with your surroundings, including the planet, your community, and personal space.

  • Is your environment neat and comfortable?
  • Do you consciously recycle, save energy, or reuse?
  • Are you actively involved in community activities?
  • Do you love nature and do you get adequate air and sunshine?

Intellectual Health


This involves your engagement in activities that stimulate your mind such as problem-solving, analytical thinking, and learning.

  • Do you have time management skills?
  • Do you get bored frequently?
  • Are you a creative person? Do you hobbies reflect creativity?
  • Do you view an issue from different perspectives?

Professional Health


It refers to a satisfying and engaging career, which generally reflects in your attitude towards the work you do.

  • Can you confidently complete tasks?
  • Does your job stimulate you mentally?
  • Are you appreciated or well-compensated at work?
  • Is your career bringing you fulfillment?

Financial Health


This simply refers to financial stability.

  • Do you live within a budget?
  • Are you saving for your future?
  • Can you manage student loans or credit card debts?

Mental Health


This refers to how you manage stress and your emotions.

  • Do life occurrences overwhelm you?
  • Can you let things slide or do you prefer to dwell on events?
  • What emotions manifest more often? How do you manage them?

Spiritual Health


This is not about religion but your beliefs and values that provide your purpose in life.

  • Do you find meaning and comfort each day you wake up?
  • Does your life reflect that you have a sense of fulfillment?
  • Do you have some alone time to reflect?

Physical Health


This includes medical wellness, keeping fit, sleeping patterns, and recreational activities.

  • How many hours of sleep do you get daily?
  • Do you drink excessively or smoke?
  • Is your weight healthy?
  • Do you have fitness goals?

Nutritional Health

  • Does your meal plan match your lifestyle?
  • Do you consume enough fruits, veggies, and whole foods?
  • How much water do you drink daily?

Emotional Health


It refers to paying attention to your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, including the way people around you feel.

  • Do you have low or high self-esteem?
  • Do you keep healthy friendships and relationships?
  • Can you stay positive even in the face of unpleasant moments?

How to Set Wellness Goals

It is now time for you to decide your goals. Ensure they are realistic and achievable and make long- and short-term goals.

Nutritional Wellness


Get a nutritionist to set up an eating plan that suits your lifestyle.

  • Eat more vegetables and drink enough water.
  • Skip prepackaged meals and go for whole foods.
  • Consume the appropriate portion for your body. You can use a kitchen scale to count your calories.

Physical Wellness

Visit a fitness facility or local gym for fitness evaluation, and then gradually increase your fitness level.

  • Walk more every day.
  • Check your weight regularly and try to keep it healthy.
  • Visit your doctor if you have any health issues.

Mental Wellness

  • Spend more time each day to reflect and relax.
  • Practice meditation, yoga, and deep breathing for anxiety and stress management.
  • When you feel distressed, take a walk to lighten your mood.
  • Sometimes, sadness is not out of place. Seek help from a support group or therapist.
  • Use alternative medication to reduce stress and anxiety. You can visit this page to learn more.
  • Do not reduce or go off medication. Ensure you seek professional advice first.

Spiritual Wellness

  • Improve your well-being with meditation, yoga, and deep breathing.
  • Take time to observe your surroundings and spend more time in nature.
  • Refrain from negative thoughts and think positive always.

Financial Wellness

  • Ensure your budget is realistic and do not live above your means.
  • Seek help from a professional financial planner to save or invest in your future.

Intellectual Wellness

  • Read more books and do number and word puzzles so your mind can stay sharp.
  • Take online classes. Many sites offer free courses that will improve your knowledge base.
  • Engage in debates.


Creating a plan for your health and wellness requires dedication and planning, but you won’t regret the results. When you are intentional about it, you won’t fall sick frequently. Also, the illness will not be severe. Prevention is better than cure as they say and we believe that wholeheartedly. You alone are responsible for your health and wellness. So take good care of yourself, plan ahead for a brighter future.

Speak with your physician about the plan so they can render professional help.

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