You’ll regret not receiving Covid-19 vaccine – Gospel Artiste Diana Hamilton warns

A trained nurse and powerful female vocalist, Diana Hamilton has advised those who have vowed not to partake in the coronavirus vaccination that they shouldn’t make such a regrettable mistake during an interview with Amansan Krakye.

She advised “It would be painful to get infected with the virus and then you’d regret for not going to take the vaccine and that it would’ve been late for you at that time. That’s the reason why I took the vaccine so no one forced me to do it.

“When the polio vaccine came, we took it but some people had their own reservation, however, today there is an abundance of knowledge and a lot of research,” she said on Kastle FM in Cape Coast monitored by

Popular television personality, Bridget Otoo has recently stated emphatically that she is not going to take part in the Covid-19 vaccination which is currently ongoing due to her reasons that it might have some effect on her childbearing.

“My manager always say that the animal which is chasing you will determine the speed at which you’ll run. I think that just as I said I had Covid-19 and my husband also got the infection and I will say I had mild reaction,” Diana added.

Diana Hamilton who happens to be a frontline healthcare provider in the UK said on the Kastle Entertainment Show that her personal experience after being infected with the Covid-19 virus convinced her to go for the vaccination.

“Within my body I knew there was nothing mild about the experience that I went through so it was important that when the vaccine came and as a frontline worker I had to take the jab,” she concluded. Krakye/2021

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