The Major Social Sustainability Issues of 2023

When compared to environmental sustainability, leaders of developing nations often overlook social sustainability issues. There are many administrations that are ignoring the concerning status of social sustainability issues in their countries. Not just limited to administration, social sustainability issues should also be a major area of focus for businesses if they want to stay relevant in the upcoming years. In this blog, we will look at some of the major social sustainability issues of 2023.

  • Poverty: It is defined by more than a lack of income and productive resources to ensure long-term livelihoods. Hunger and malnutrition are some of their expressions, as are limited access to education and other essential services, social prejudice and marginalization, and a lack of participation in decision-making.


  • Human Rights: Inadequate implementation of human rights is one of the most significant social sustainability issues. They provide people with the means to seek more equality. The issue is that they are not implemented. This is true even in the world’s most powerful democracies. Having said that, advances in minorities’ equality, as opposed to economic equality, would not have been achieved without human rights.


  • Gender Equality: Women are underrepresented across businesses. They continue to face physical and sexual abuse and are paid unequally for equal work. Furthermore, women-owned businesses face economic disadvantages and lack equal access to commercial prospects. Women suffer legal and other restrictions that limit their prospects at work and as business owners. Empowering women and girls contribute to economic growth, social development, and establishment of more stable and just communities.

What is Social Sustainability?


Specifying and managing both positive and negative impacts of systems, processes, organizations, and activities on individuals and social life can be defined as social sustainability. Health and social equity, human rights, labour rights, practices and decent working conditions, social responsibility and justice, community development and well-being, product responsibility, cresilience, and cultural competence are among the topics covered under the social sustainability issues.

Upcoming Trends in Sustainability

Sustainability has become the new normal for businesses. Here are some 2023 sustainability trends to keep an eye on:

  • Renewable Energy: The uninterrupted use of coal and fossil fuel subsidies were noted in the Glasgow Climate Pact, signed by 197 countries. That can be achieved, to a considerable part, by boosting the number of renewables in the energy mix. Compared to fossil fuel facilities, more expenditures will be directed toward constructing solar, wind, and other renewable energy facilities.


  • Carbon offsetting: Carbon offsetting is replacing or reducing carbon emissions. High-emission firms typically sponsor programs that reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). These projects can range from afforestation to implementing carbon-capture technologies. Low-carbon emitters will increasingly use the carbon offset market when carbon market rules are developed.


  • Electric vehicles: World EV Day, which will be observed for the first time on September 9, 2020, is one of the lesser-known days. While India strives to realize its target of 100% electrified vehicles by 2030, the sector will face increased pressure to acquire raw materials ethically. The more significant problem will be overcoming the challenge of obtaining electricity from renewable sources to charge vehicles.

Implement Sustainable Practices in Your Business


All the above-mentioned sustainable practices for your business are upcoming trends in sustainable c. Companies should be prepared to adapt themselves to stay relevant. For example, suppose you are considering aligning your company’s goals with the overall environmental well-being. In that case, it is suggested that you get in touch with relevant service providers who can help make your vision a reality.