People are having vaccination parties to celebrate the end of lockdown

Has your social life been in the toilet since March 2023? Do you need to blow off steam? And, most importantly, are you fully vaxxed with the certificate to prove it?

If so, look no further than the spring’s hottest trend – vaccination parties!

Fun-loving folk are breaking free from quarantine by throwing vaccine-themed celebrations complete with Jell-O shots in outsize syringes, snacks in the shape of flexed arms and beverages served in tumblers labeled Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson.

“We’d had enough of not seeing other people,” recent vaccination party host Laurence Anthony told The Post. “The time had come to welcome some guests.”

Together with his ER doctor wife, Felicia, 37, the 36-year-old writer and motivational speaker invited nine friends to the upscale soiree at their Harlem apartment.

It was coordinated by celebrity event-stylist Amanda Orso.

The New York-based expert, whose clients include Diddy and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, came up with an ingenious “road map” for last month’s festivities.

First, the couple sent out rhyming invitations, which included the groan-inducing line: “With your long-awaited ‘ouchie’ and a year of Dr. Fauci, get out of your sweats and stop being so grouchy!”

Laurence Anthony with some of the fun items at his party,
Host-with-the-most Laurence Anthony with a Jell-O shot and the fun vaccine-themed napkins which added flair to his party.
courtesy of Laurence Anthony

At the shindig itself, guests had to stand in the doorway and declare their vaccination status before being instructed to whisk off their face masks and wear them proudly around their wrists.

Other features ranged from lockdown-themed napkins printed with gags like: “Man walks into a bar … Lucky bastard” to cute favors in the form of beaded bracelets spelling out the word: “Vaxxed.”

“It wasn’t too gimmicky or cheesy, but elevated to a more sophisticated party,” said Orso, who has coordinated similar nights in cities such as Miami, Florida.

But the events don’t have to be expensive since the stylist — known for combining high-end and budget touches — sourced items on Etsy such as syringe-shaped and flexed-arm cookie cutters to make mozzarella bites and buffet sandwiches for $5 per piece.

Some of the delectable beverage and snacked served at Amanda Orso's vaccination parties
Some of the inoculation-themed beverages and snacks served at Amanda Orso’s vaccination parties.
courtesy of Amanda Orso

Karina Freedman, of Manhasset, Long Island, had such a great time at one of Orso’s other bashes in Miami, she is planning her own vaccination party in the middle of May.

“Everybody is finally able to get together and celebrate,” said the 51-year-old owner of two boutique skin-care clinics. “It’s going to be wild.”

Her two dozen guests will be presented with favors similar to the treats that Freedman received in the Sunshine State. The gift bags will contain malachite healing crystals said to “cleanse and protect,” along with notes written in calligraphy stating: “Be Happy, Stay Healthy, Get Lucky.”

“I want the party to be all about health and wellness,” added Freedman. “We are celebrating the fact we are alive and raring to go.”

Party-loving Kirina Freedman with the themed party favors she received at a vaccination party in Miami.
Party-loving Karina Freedman with the themed party favors she received at a vaccination party in Miami.
Courtesy of Karina Freedman

While the mother of two is hiring Orso to assist with the planning, many are opting for more do-it-yourself affairs.

Take Leticia Rossi and her other half, Guilherme Baglioli, of Austin, Texas. Due to the pandemic, the young couple, who moved into their new home in January 2023, missed out on the usual house-warming party and joyful nights with friends.

But they finally held a fun-filled dinner in April for a trusty set of pals who had been vaccinated like themselves.

Rossi triumphantly wrote in an Instagram post followed by hashtags such as #backtonormalcy and #friends: “We were inside, we hugged, we laughed and, at the end of the night, Gui and I were at peace.”

The excited group at the get-together toasted their respective coronavirus injections alongside a lettered sign that simply read: “Thank You, Science #Vaccinated.”

Credit: NYPOST

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