Wisconsin wildfires create state of emergency

As wildfires continue to blaze across Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers on Monday signed Executive Order #110 declaring a State of Emergency which includes deploying the state’s National Guard. 

The executive order directs all state agencies to lead in wildfire prevention, response and recovery efforts during the spring fire season, which usually lasts through May.

According to WITI, the Fox-owned station in Milwaukee, the Guard’s Blackhawk helicopters will be utilized to fly to “the areas of the state in most need of aerial fire suppression resources.” 

The choppers will carry large buckets of water to help put out the fires. 

A combination of snow melting earlier than usual, low humidity and high winds has caused very high danger in wildfire conditions.

The Department of Natural Resources reported that over 320 wildfires have burned over 1,400 acres so far this year in Wisconsin.

Credit: NYPOST

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