Dear Nigerians, Gay People Are Not Your Problem, Leave Gay People Alone – Blogger Says

Kosi ugo

As indicated by Kosi, he realized as time passes by Nigerians do not set their priorities right. He stated gay people are not the cause of every individual problem as he encourage all Nigerians to learn how to channel their anger to the right direction.

Going further, he said the gay act bill is the most stupid bill that Nigeria has ever passed into law.

He wrote;

“Dear Nigerians, gay people are not your problem. Face the government and leave gay people alone! You know, I’ve come to realize with time that we live in a country where we don’t set our priorities straight.

We fight for things that are not-so-important, thereby, leavingcthe important ones lying fallow. Let’s face it. The gay act bill is the most stupid bill Nigeria has ever passed into law.”

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Kosi ugo post

Source; Tale Tela

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