Ex-minister To Buhari Says Human Life Is Cheaper In The North Than Chicken

As per the previous minister, he said lives have gotten less expensive than chicken in the northern piece of the nation on account of the wastefulness of the administration boss.

He further exhorted Buhari to make a stride against them now or, in all likelihood something increasingly horrendous may eject by 2022.

He stated,

“Mr President, you have given these people more money, yet we continue to lose more lives”, Dalung said..

“These people are only enriching themselves with public money Mr President.

“Sadly, you have once mentioned that they were disobeying your orders; I mean orders of the Commander-In-Chief, so why are you still tolerating them?

“Mr President, it’s high time you let go of them because their continued stay is only rubbishing your administration.

“I’m not a prophet but I can predict (that) if no action is taken on these traitors within your government, you’ll bitterly regret it by 2022.

“From Borno to Kwara and from Plateau to Sokoto, human life has become cheaper than that of a chicken.

“Take for example, how innocent souls are perishing, and needlessly so, in your own home state of Katsina,” he said.

Dalung was minister of sports between 2015 and 2019.

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