“I have failed to protect my people” – Governor Masari tells Katsina occupants

Governor Aminu Masari made it known that he has failed in protecting the occupants of Katsina state he governs, from gangsters.

The Katsina Governor who expressed the gangsters as “animals who kill indiscriminately,” said he’s been a sad person because occupants of the state live in fear ever since he got elected as Governor.

Governor Aminu Masari said;

“I don’t know what to tell them. I cannot look at them in the face because we have failed to protect them, contrary to our pledge to ensure the security of lives and property throughout the state.

“I never expected the behaviour and the attitude of people living in the forests, the bandits, whose behaviour is worse than that of animals. In the forest, a lion or a tiger kills only when it is hungry and it doesn’t kill all animals, it only kills the one it can eat at a time.

“But what we see here is that bandits come to town, spray bullets, kill indiscriminately for no purpose and no reason whatsoever, like the recent massacre of people at Faskari and parts of Dandume local government area. They just killed the people. How can a human being behave the way an animal cannot behave?

“Our role is to complement efforts of the security agencies for which I believe we are doing nothing less than 90 per cent in terms of whatever is expected of us, based on resources available to us.”

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