Injustice: Hotel Workers Stripped Naked By Ex-Minister

Kenneth-Gbagi stripped

Kenneth Gbagi, a former Minister of State for Education has been dragged to court for the alleged dehumanizing of four working staffs in his Signatious Hotel in Warri, Delta State.

The staffs who were identified as Mr Victor Ephraim, Gloria Oguzie, Mrs. Precious Achibong, Roselyn Okiemute Diaghwarhe, said that they were stripped naked on the orders of the ex-minister because of the tips  they received from a guest who lodged at the hotel for four after his departure on August 20, 2020.

The charges read in part;

“Trial by ordeal, torture, stripping naked and bestial conduct of Signatious Hotel and yourself in an organised show of shame and animalism: Notice of intention to seek full legal redress’.

“This again, is not unusual in the hospitality business. That the hotel did not lose any money neither was any alleged to have been stolen.

“You told our clients menacingly that they are not entitled to tips, as all tips belong to you. As a matter of fact, you categorically stated that they were not supposed to have monies in their accounts as long as they were working for you.”

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