Plice Arrests 11-Year-Old Boy Who Allegedly Attacked A Police Station, Declared Himself IGP (+Photo)

Reaching Newzandar News has it that an eleven-year-old kid has been allegedly caught by the Edo State Police Force following his association in an assault on a police headquarters at Evbuotubu zone of Benin City along with some hoodlums.

This comes after it was affirmed last Monday that a group of hooligans struck Oba Market Police station, Ugbekun Police Station and Idogbo Police station while plundering things including police outfits, arms and ammo from the armory.

Human Rights Advocate, Kola Edokpayi and senior News journalist with the Edo Broadcasting Service, Festus Alenkhe, revealed that the little boy was captured for joining the gangsters that assaulted the Oba Market police headquarters

It was additionally unveiled that the little boy wore a police sergeant’s uniform and proclaimed himself as the Inspector General of Police (IGP) while marching around the Benin city. Meanwhile, he was gotten and is set to be arraigned in an adolescent court soon.

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