Video Shows Moment Ginimbi Is Seen Chilling With Friends Few Minutes Before His Death

Newzandar has captured a video of Ginimbi, the Zimbabwean millionaire, having fun before his untimely death has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

In the video sighted on Instagram, he was spotted with a driver and female friends having so much fun whilst jamming to a song.

In an interview with the witness, he indicated that, when Ginimbi was pulled out of his car which got involved in the gory accident, he was alive.

Adding to his submission, he explained that, there were some ladies in the car, screaming for help, hence he was trying to help them out but all efforts were in vain.

He explained that the car got exploded the moment they stepped back from the car which caused the demise of Ginimbi and three other people who were also in the car.

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