10 Yoruba Actresses and their Interesting Fashion Styles (PHOTOS)

The Yoruba movie industry like others – Nollywood and Hollywood comes with its own vibe . Like other facets of the entertainment industry, they have individuals with controversy in their trails and this makes them all the more interesting and hence they are on our watch . Most interesting in Yollywood, we have quite a number of fashion driven women who Always seem to put their best foot forward in terms of style . From apparels to accessories, these women tick all the boxes with no holds barred. Here are a few of our favourites and why .

1. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy AigbeMercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe Gentry has been described as one of the most talented and fashionable Yoruba actresses in the Nollywood industry and she never fails to amaze us with her stunning outfits. She is also the CEO of Mag Divas Boutique which is in Lagos with an outlet in Ibadan.

Mercy Aigbe’s fashion style ranges from stunning evening dresses to jump suits and plain and pattern designs. She is the crowned Queen of Owambe . She is known to like evening dresses with lace accents. The lace is used to decorate the top of the dress or as narrow stripes that serves as finish. She loves donning heels and does not hesitate to slay the Ankara fabric.

We commend her for the beautiful art of slaying her skills. Below are some more beautiful photos of mercy Aigbe

Mercy AigbeMercy AigbeMercy Aigbe in Jalabia outfitMercy Aigbe in Jalabia outfitMercy AigbeMercy Aigbe CarsMercy AigbeMercy AigbeMercy AigbeMercy Aigbe Mercy AigbeMercy Aigbe

Mercy AigbeMercy Aigbe

2. Funke Akindele

Funke AkindeleFunke Akindele

Popular TV sensation, Funke Akindele is inarguably one of Nollywood’s finest female artist. Not only is she known for her dexterity in acting but also for her ability to look glamorous.

Funke Akindele rocks her outfit well both in jaw dropping designs and casual wears. She has a diverse fashion sense and has rocked all styles one can possibly imagine. She is a big fan of the Ankara print which she loves to wear anywhere and with every style. The occasional blouse, trousers and skirt is also not a rarity on her. She does not stick to one dress length or shape making her a true fashionista. See more beautiful photos of Funke Akindele

Funke AkindeleFunke AkindeleFunke AkindeleFunke Akindele Funke AkindeleFunke AkindeleFunke AkindeleFunke Akindele

Funke AkindeleFunke Akindele in Black dress

3. Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo OjoIyabo Ojo

Nigerian actress, producer and entrepreneur Iyabo Ojo has always been known to be a fashion diva, stunning the public at different events and making tailors run for their money. She is the CEO of Fespris limited, which comprises of Abula spot, Lounge and Bar and other subsidiaries.

Her fashion style can be said to tilt towards casual except when she has an event or occasion to attend where she stuns us with glamorous outfits. She loves matching colors a lot in her dressing.

Iyabo Ojo in an interview with Newzandar News stated that she loves her jeans and top because of the comfortability also saying that her dressing is dependent on her mood. Anyway, her looks are stunning enough to be emulated. See more photos below

Iyabo OjoIyabo Ojo Iyabo ojoIyabo ojoIyabo OjoIyabo OjoIyabo Ojo's CarIyabo Ojo’s CarIyabo Ojo's CarIyabo Ojo’s Car Iyabo Ojo's CarIyabo Ojo’s CarIyabo ojoIyabo ojoIyabo ojoIyabo ojo

4. Tayo Sobola

Tayo SobolaTayo Sobola

Popularly known as Sotayo, this beautiful actress is one of the hottest babes in the Yoruba movie industry.

Always caught looking like a beauty queen with ravishing curves and a pretty face, she has rocked diverse fashion styles ranging from the Aso Ebi to camisoles and pants, tracksuits and sneakers, statement gowns and a whole lot more. Little wonder why she has a clothing line known as “Clean stitches” and her own cosmetic brand. See more photos below

Tayo SobolaTayo SobolaTayo SobolaTayo SobolaTayo SobolaTayo SobolaTayo SobolaTayo Sobola

5. Doris Simeon

Doris simeonDoris simeon

Award winning actress, Doris Simeon with a visible presence on the big screen and also one of the most sought hairdresser in the US is blessed with a stunning complexion and beauty has in no way failed to maximize it.

She rocks different styles like Danshiki and sneakers, print kimono over black camisole and black fitting pants, and many more. Her style can be described as simple yet classy. See more photos below

Doris SimeonDoris SimeonDoris Simeon Doris SimeonDoris Simeon Doris Simeon

6. Ronke Odusanya

Ronke OdusanyaRonke Odusanya

Beautiful, voluptuous and talented actress Ronke Odusanya also known as “Flakky” is one of the pretty faces rocking the Yoruba movie industry at the moment.

Ronke Odusanya is mostly seen wearing gowns which ranges from full length gowns to knee length, body cons in both Ankara and plain fabrics with stunning headgears. You can also catch her wearing the everyday jeans and top. See more photos below

Ronke OdusanyaRonke OdusanyaRonke OdusanyaRonke OdusanyaRonke Odusanya in black dressRonke Odusanya in black dressRonke OdusanyaRonke OdusanyaRonke OdusanyaRonke OdusanyaRonke OdusanyaRonke Odusanya

7. Toyin Abraham

Toyin AbrahamToyin Abraham

Talented Nigerian actress, film maker, producer and director Toyin Abraham has endeared herself to her fans due to her taste in fashion.

She explores various styles using the Ankara fabric, rocks the office look well, looks gorgeous in simple pants and jacket. Her fashion style is always amazing and on point. See more photos below

Toyin AbrahamToyin AbrahamToyin AbrahamToyin AbrahamToyin AbrahamToyin Abraham

Toyin AbrahamHere are the best Style worn by Actress Toyin Abraham in 2019 (PICS)Here are the best Style worn by Actress Toyin Abraham in 2019 (PICS)Here are the best Style worn by Actress Toyin Abraham in 2019 (PICS)

Here are the best Style worn by Actress Toyin Abraham in 2019 (PICS)Toyin Abraham

Here are the best Style worn by Actress Toyin Abraham in 2019 (PICS)

8. Liz Da Silva

Liz Da SilvaLiz Da Silva

Popular actress Liz Da Silva of Togolese descent who occupies an enviable position in the movie industry due to her prowess, dexterity and consistency is in no doubt a beautiful sight to behold any day, any time.

She had an amazing fashion sense and looks stunning in whatever she wears. Liz Da Silva says her fashion is all about self expression which reflects her personality. Her style is simple most times and she says what she looks out for in fashion is being comfortable because she loves clothes be it Western or native. She is the brain behind Afrikulture entertainment and Award formerly known as Ankara Day which showcases her love for the African Culture. See more photos below

Liz DaSilvaLiz DaSilvaLiz DaSilvaLiz DaSilvaLiz Da SilvaLiz Da SilvaLiz Da SilvaLiz Da Silva

9. Mide Martins

Mide MartinsMide Martins

Top notch female celebrity who has gifted us with a lot of entertaining movies is with no doubt a force to reckon with in the movie industry.

Mide cannot be pinned to a particular style. She dazzles us in various outfits like long gowns with turbans, Aso Ebi and gele, boot-cut jeans and tops, vintage shirts, knee length gowns, leggings and tops and many more. She loves clothings with leopard prints and she puts in the retro look once in a while. Just as she is versatile in her acting, her fashion style also varies. See more photos below

Mide MartinsMide MartinsMide MartinsMide MartinsMide MartinsMide MartinsMide MartinsMide Martins

10. Liz Anjorin

Liz AnjorinLiz Anjorin

Introduced to fashion at a very young age by her mum who usually stresses the importance of dressing well, Liz Anjorin has grown to be a woman of fashionable taste and demeanor. The CEO of Lizzy Anjorin Clothings who makes it a point of duty to make her clients the center of attraction at every event will definitely be a fashion icon herself.

Lizzy Anjorin loves fashion and likes her styles to be very unique and nothing short of gorgeous. See more photos below

Liz Anjorin CarLiz AnjorinLizzy AnjorinLizzy AnjorinLizzy AnjorinLizzy AnjorinLiz AnjorinLiz Anjorin Source

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