3 Yoruba Celebrities Who married more than one wife (PICS)

Many people are against polygamous in Nigeria, they see it as a problem or something very wrong. Many religious people claim that it is not the setting of God for a man to have two wives. The religious people are even against a divorcee getting married again.

Well, a marriage is not a religious thing, anyone either religious or not are permitted to get married.

If you are rich and capable to take good care of your family, please marry as many as you want because nobody has the right to tell you how you live your life.

These are examples of people who have more than a wife and are doing well.

1. Segun Ogungbe

Segun Ogungbe is an actor, writer and a movie director, he has two wives who are friends and they are all happy together. Segun Ogungbe in an interview with punch said,

“My wives did not know each other before I got married, I have a peaceful household. God has blessed me with wives that understand each other. It is only God that can help a man have a peaceful home. However, for those who think that I would have about 20 wives like my uncle; all I have to say is that they should mind their business,”

Segun Ogungbe Wives

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the actor said he has a very peaceful household despite online rumours that his wives had once been at loggerheads.

He said, “I have a peaceful household. God has blessed me with wives that understand each other. It is only God that can help a man have a peaceful home. However, for those who think that I would have about 20 wives like my uncle; all I have to say is that they should mind their business.”

People know Segun Ogungbe as a talented actor and a filmmaker. Moreover, he continues the movie dynasty, set by his father, Akin Ogungbe. At present, we see his perfect acting and self-development in his movie career, but what about his life off screen? Who owns the heart of the Nollywood actor? How many wives and children does he have? Let’s find out!

First wife of Segun Ogungbe

Who is she, Segun Ogungbe first wife? The name of first wife of Segun Ogungbe is Atinuke.

Segun Ogungbe’s First Wife

She has no relation to the movie industry, except for being the wife of the talented producer and actor. They lived a happy life and gave birth to two children.

What about the second wife of Segun Ogungbe?

Omowunmi Ajiboye and Segun Ogungbe wedding took place in 2015. They knew each other long before getting married. She was a Lagos based young lady, working under Segun Ogungbe Films Academy. After she got pregnant, the actor married her. Currently, she is the mother of a three-year-old boy and a successful actress.

Segun Ogungbe’s second Wife

Are the actor’s wives best friends?

Omowunmi Ajiboye was not a “best friend” of his first wife as gossips say. To dispel rumours, both wives placed comments on social media networks. The target idea of those messages is that “for the sake of love, respect and unity we both have for our husband became the best friends NOW…”, “… we are best friends now, and that’s because our husband’s happiness is our own main priority”.

2. Taiwo Hassan

Taiwo Hassan popularly known as Ogogo is an actor who has two wives, a muslim and a Christian. They all live in a house and they are happy together. Religion didn’t separate them because love is above any religion or tradition.

Taiwo Hassan Ogogo
Taiwo Hassan Ogogo

But not everyone observed that Mrs “Ogogo” is a born-again Christian. She is devoid of jewellery and make-up. As a matter of fact, it was gathered from some of the posts put up on Facebook by Mrs ‘Ogogo’s’ daughter that she is called ‘Iya Jesu’.

Meanwhile, her husband is a devout Muslim who goes on pilgrimage yearly!

Ogogo And wife
Ogogo And wife

Blessed with two children, Mrs ‘Ogogo’ also has another co-wife in the home.

According to Ogogo, who has five children, in an interview he granted a national newspaper, he met Ajoke while they were in the same theatre group. Of course she agreed to marry him when he proposed to her but then, he vowed not to delve into polygamy.

Taiwo Hassan Ogogo and Wife
Taiwo Hassan Ogogo and Wife

Wondering how he became a polygamist?

Ogogo revealed that, “I later married another wife but I believe everything in life has to do with destiny. I vowed that I would not have a second wife because I never fancied polygamy but it happened and I believe it was for a reason. It is God’s doing.”

To the dark-complexioned actor, disclosing to his wife that he had another wife was another herculean task. How did Ajoke react when he told her?

He said, “She felt bad and I begged her. May God give us a good wife; if I had money I could have bought a hummer jeep to beg my wife but I am not that rich. I made her understand how it happened and that regardless, it would not change anything between us. I begged her to please accept it as our destiny and I appreciate her for her understanding.”

Though the younger wife also had two children, the actor would always recall how he sent his relatives to help beg his amiable first wife.

Ogogo's Wife

“I asked my younger brother and two of my sisters to help me beg her. When they begged her, she said she believed that it is destiny. One thing I like about my first wife is that she encourages me to help people, especially my family members. She always makes sure I satisfy them if they need my help. When my mother was alive, she took good care of her. God is the only one that can forgive us our sins and I pray that he forgives me. I also pray my wife forgives me,” he said.

Taiwo Hassan Ogogo and Wife
Taiwo Hassan Ogogo and Wife

This is a lesson to couples—even when you err, try and repent and ask for forgiveness. Ogogo could have insisted that he was a Muslim and entitled to four wives, but he accepted his mistakes and apologized.

3. Adebayo Salami

In a recent interview, veteran actor Oga Bello and his wife, Ejide opened up to Tunde Kelani TV on their 45 years amazing love story.

In it he admitted how much he desired to have just one wife, but along the line his lust for other women prevented him from it.

Adebayo Salami
Adebayo Salami

Read excerpts below:

Yes, we were friends from primary school. Our uniform was “pinafore and she had a way of rocking hers. That was how I noticed her. So I always give her punishment whenever she does anything wrong. Sometimes I tell her, “you will wash the toilet.

Then later, she would buy me meat-pie from Kingsway, rice from Iya Congo and that was how we became friends. We got so close during our primary school days but there was no emotional attachment.

At what point did you become very close?

That was 1966. We love each other so much that we got married in 1975. I grew up with my Uncle. So at one point, she wasn’t happy with what I was going through. But I told her not to be bothered. My Uncle was a disciplinarian. I had 2 stepmothers. One sells rice while the other sells beans cake. I will wake up early to wash rice to cook while I will wash beans for my 2nd stepmother. If my 2nd step mum didn’t finish selling her moimoi, I will hawk the remaining (laughs). I also sold rice too. I also fetched water later in the evening.

This was the point my wife and I became so close. She always joined me in the evening. She will help me fetch water and carry it closer to my house and I will take it in.

Despite your young age, how were you able to keep it under wrap?

Adebayo Salami
Adebayo Salami

As I said, when we started, we didn’t know it was love. There was no attachment at all. Don’t also forget that when we were much younger, you dare not allow your parents know that you are in love with any girl or boy. So what we did then was whenever we want to see each other, I will ride my bicycle and whistle. She understands whenever she hears me and always runs out to see me. There was no mobile phone yet we were able to see each other whenever we so wished. Many were always surprised that we know how to give each other signals despite how young we were.

Though the toasting has been going on then while we were in primary school but we didn’t know it was called “Love”. You know the intimacy started right from when she will help me fetch water, but we didn’t know it will lead to marriage. We just loved one another. So it started like a joke until secondary school.

It dawned on us that it was love after we gained admission into secondary school. During our primary school days all we did was just writing all these small letters, do you love me? Yes/No. (Laughs). It was pure innocent love. I always send letters in secondary schools.

What has sustained your marriage?

What has sustained our marriage is the fact that she abides by all my rules. She loves me unconditionally and she also makes the marriage work. My wife is one in a million. (Oju kan la de e ni). She is not a 2-faced wife. Aside from this, when we left school and I was working with Federal Ministry of Housing and I was still acting, all I wanted for my life is “me and my wife” but Almighty Allah said that is not my destiny. I remember after we got married in 1975, we will eat breakfast together before I will go to the office. When it is time for Lunch, I used to close by 3’Oclock then, I will come home straight to eat lunch. After a few hours I will go to rehearsal, my dinner is ready. Whenever I received my salary, I will go to the supermarket to do shopping. Then my wife was a Teacher.

She would have also bought foodstuff. She didn’t do the teaching for long before she started a business. She is always travelling from London, the U.S to buy goods to sell. But after stardom, I couldn’t manage it any longer and that was why I said it is destiny. Though I was told that it is my destiny but I couldn’t help or stop it. I remember when the children were getting many, I always tell myself “what rubbish have I got myself into; yet I didn’t stop. Do you know that despite all the things I did, my wife didn’t fight me? This is why I love her so much and I respect her too. The only thing I told my God is that no matter what happens, no matter who the person is, either a baby mama or a wife, no one can disrespect my wife Ejide and they know.

oga bello adebayo salami Children

How did you tell your wife whenever you put any woman in the family way?

(Hmm). I love my wife for many reasons and this is just few of the reasons. I remember one I did, I had to run away after I sent my friend to tell her. It was not an easy thing and this is why I said: “maybe it is my destiny”. I knew I didn’t like what I was doing but I didn’t stop.

If you come back to this world, would you marry your Ejide?

Haa, 100 per cent yes. This is because of all her qualities. My wife is one in a million. My wife is accommodating. Even my 2nd wife saw that behaviour in her and emulated it. It is wives that will make the home peaceful.

Even though my wife Ejide, I was able to know the importance of prayer despite my Islamic background. If you have a wife who has all the qualities of Ejide, you will marry her one million times. She is accommodating, industrious, intelligent and business-oriented. Though there is no woman without her other side but Ejide is one in a million.


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