5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Suffered Multiple Miscarriages Before They Finally Became Mothers

Having a miscarriage is something nobody would want to experience, I mean what could be more painful than losing a baby you haven’t even met yet? I mean you never get to see or know how he or she looked like, all you are filled with are thoughts of what he could have looked like, or what he could have become if allowed to live.

Below are 5 Nigerian Celebrities who suffered multiple miscarriages before the finally had kids and became mothers, and are still waxing strong in their various fields of entertainment.

 Sumbo Adeoye :

The beautiful socialite had miscarriages for 4 years after tying the knots with her husband, Pastor David Adeoye. But God finally answered their prayers after He blessed her with a child. Sharing her story she wrote

I had travelled to Connecticut in May for my nieces graduation and commencement service and to also have our baby after so many miscarriages and failed IVF’s.

Sumbo Adeoye and husband
Sumbo Adeoye and husband

On The day of our ultrasound, I was so excited as my niece followed me for check up.

We got in the room and in the usual culture of the American health practitioners, I was expecting the lady in the lab to give me updates and let us hear the baby’s heart beat. Instead she kept asking questions.

At first I didn’t get why she asked until she said she’s sorry “but there’s no heart beat” and so I have to be transferred for further testing due to the recurring losses.

Devastated yet hopeful that God will not let me come this far to have an evacuation in the U.S. I was there to have a baby Lord, I reminded Him. Your covenant with me is to carry my own child in due season Lord. I started to pray in tongues. Called my husband who was then preparing for a “Just worship” mid week service back in our home church as I was transferred to the next room for more testing.

I tuned in to service and the invited music minister @ibitayojeje started sharing about her waiting season and how she’s now with a child.

Was that a coincidence? Well, I am sure it was a word that God had sent to me in due season. My hope was ignited, regardless of whatever the doctors report was, I am bent on holding on to God’s promises I told myself.

I went in still plugged into service using my ear piece. The doctors gave me the news I dreaded the most and scheduled me for evacuation the next available date.

I kept telling them to allow my husband fly in as I wasn’t going to take that decision alone.

After the service was over, Pastor called and told me he will be in America on Monday before the scheduled procedure.
I was so hopeful and I believed there will be a miracle before he arrived. I worshipped God and danced like we all do when no one is watching.

My husband came and I am most grateful for the support I got during this time from my sister and her family. My niece, nephews, brother in law and my mum . They all ensured I didn’t snap into depression.

The night came and I was in pain, my uterus started to contrast. I think it was the natural way of the body letting out what’s not living. I was rushed to ER.

Sunmbo Adeoye

After the whole process was over by mid morning, I was discharged. My husband held my hand and prayed with me. We both decided to just live and trust God for what’s to come.

I told him I didn’t feel like going home yet that I wanted to take a walk and just take in some fresh air. So my mum and my husband obliged and we took a walk. It was in the midst of walking I started to worship, I couldn’t cry, I just worshiped, then cracked jokes, took selfies. All I loved to do.

I started taking pictures of my husband, my mum. I demanded that they pose for me… They sha did all I said to make me happy. And if you know me, you will know how much I love to take pictures. So this was my happy place.

With no wig on and no care for make up, (abi who wears wig and make up to ER) I smiled and took a selfie with my man.

Ah! Pastor Adeoye is my hero forever. He is soo strong. Our waiting wasn’t even the same. It was his own 20years of waiting and my own 4th year. But the man encouraged me ehn like the Man of Faith that he truly is.

Fast forward to few days later, it was Father’s Day. I had bought cards and signed it previously with our baby’s name on it and so I couldn’t alter it anymore after all that had happened. I gave it to him anyway. We went for dinner with the family and went shopping the next day before he travelled back to Nigeria.

I planned my return and with all the shopping I had made for the baby I returned back to Nigeria EMPTY.

Empty oo but hopeful. It was one of the most lonely and painful trips ever. I had excess luggage, I was made to pay for my hand luggage too after my transit in dubai. A new rule I wasn’t aware of.

Through all of this, I didn’t let anything get to me until I touched down in Nigeria and immigration started to search my luggage’s. I didn’t know when I broke down in tears saying “pls let me go. I didn’t buy this to retail them, I bought it for my baby who I went to deliver but returned empty”.

The immigration officer showed empathy and encouraged me to not cry that very soon I will return with babies. I didn’t even wait to lock the luggage’s, I just said Amen and told the Newzandar News officials to assist me.

My husband was already waiting to receive me at the arrival lounge and we went home.
Luckily the next day was my son’s graduation so I called a stylist to help glam me up, head to toe. I wasn’t ready to wear my pain. I changed my garment to praise, gratitude and joy.

I even sang at my son’s graduation program with other parents.
Was I in pain? Oh yes! Especially because this is Africa and people would openly question what they don’t understand rather than keep quiet.

I was in the news again bcos of the bump that had not return back to shape. Some even asked for the baby and I replied with “they are coming”. As I went back to doing the father’s business. Serving God, meditating on the word, living a life of faith and mentoring other to fulfill purpose.

3years down today, God has blessed me with 2 more children, male & female. Both within the space of 22months.

Listen to me, whatever you may be waiting for, know that if you entrust it to God and stay hopeful, it will surely come.

When I say “GOD CAN BE TRUSTED, I meant it literally. For Not one of all the LORD’s good promises to Adesunmbo Adeoye failed; every one was fulfilled. (Joshua 21:45) He has never failed me and He will not fail you too. Numbers 23:19 MSG says “God is not man, one given to lies, and not a son of man changing his mind. Does he speak and not do what he says? Does he promise and not come through”???? So WAIT! Don’t Give up! Don’t quit just yet, You have tried but you need to endure the process a little more, your outstanding result is closer in Jesus name and we shall join the world to celebrate your testimony soon

Uche Jombo :

Uche Jombo
Uche Jombo

The beautiful mom of one had her miscarriage in 2014, after being married to her husband Matthew Rodriguez. She was four months in, when the miscarriage happened. She has a son together with her husband. Uche, wrote to her fans few days ago: “To be Happy, sometimes we just have to Forget what’s gone, Appreciate what still remains and Look forward to the good that’s coming Next.”

She also wrote in 2014, “That awkward moment when blogs starts reporting 6 months old story like it’s breaking news and your email is full of ‘sorry4yourloss mails. “And just like that you are re living the moment all over again #pleasemakeItStop,” her emotional appeal concluded.

 Anita Okoye 

Anita Okoye
Anita Okoye

Many may not know that behind he lush luxury and famous life, she actually had 4 miscarriages in December 2017. But the wife of Paul Okoye now had a set of twins named Nathan and Nadia Okoye.

Anita Okoye shared this post and pictures of her twins dedication on social media and captioned it:

Anita Okoye and husband, Paul Okoye with their twins
Anita Okoye and husband, Paul Okoye with their twins

Who would have thought after 4 miscarriages, I’d be dancing and singing and dedicating TWINS to God almighty!! This God is too good o!!! ? ? God has really turned my mourning into dancing again and has lifted my sorrows. I am so grateful to God, my family and friends for standing by me through it all, for remembering me in your prayers, for every ounce of support…God bless every single one of you!! May the good Lord grant all your hearts’ desires and as you have always been available to pray, laugh, cry, dance and rejoice with me… May God’s blessings never leave you. I wish I could tag every single one of you… More pictures coming soon from Nathan & Nadia’s dedication.
#tbt #doublerainbow #blessings #hope #miracleworker #nathanandnadia #okoye #God #blessed #joy #family #friends #friendship #twins #doubledouble #theokoyes #twinbabydedication

Tomi Odumsi :

Tomi Odumsi
Tomi Odumsi

The beautiful actress made the shocking revelation a while back, after she posted we maternity photo shoot, and detailed how she lost over 4 pregnancies due to miscarriages.

According to her, despite all the sad events that happened prior to her welcoming her first baby, God restored everything for her.

“Happy first Mother’s Day to ME!!! After 4 horrible miscarriage experience and losing my beloved cousin Funmi to cancer, God restored me in every way. HE came into my life unexpectedly mysteriously and my world is filled with so much joy.

Tomi Odumsi
Tomi Odumsi

“In my few weeks of being a NEW Mum, it’s been very interesting and yet amazing, all worth it. To all who have experienced lose, God will restore YOU! Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers in every capacity of mothering. You are a HERO!” she wrote.

Linda Adedeji Aderemi 

Linda Adedeji Aderemi 
Linda Adedeji Aderemi

The beautiful actress who gave her sad encounter and travails of life, after being married for over 7 years and had 11 miscarriages, after being asked about her reason for being absent on the scene. See is based in UK with her husband and is set to return to the screens fully after having her baby boy 2 years ago.

In an interview she said

Linda Adedeji Aderemi  and Son
Linda Adedeji Aderemi  and Son

Nothing can make me dump acting, no matter what. I have done that several times in the past. I was busy, there was no time but I can’t do that again. The reason I dropped acting for two years then was because of my baby. I cherish my boy a lot. Many people asked why I was off the screen for so long, I just needed space because I gave birth to my baby in 2018 after seven years of  marriage. I went through hell before I had my child. I had eleven miscarriages before I had my son. After then God had mercy on me and my family. I think it’s not too much to stay a year and take care of my boy. I will go back to acting very soon because my son is a year already


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