5-year-old gifts Baby Yoda doll to ‘lonely’ firefighters on wildfire frontlines

An inspiration, Baby Yoda is.

A thoughtful 5-year-old boy in northwestern Oregon gifted a foot-tall Baby Yoda doll to frontline firefighters there as an inspirational thank-you for their hard work battling blazes on the West Coast.

Carver, who lives in Scappoose, Oregon, was shopping with his grandmother, Sasha Tinning, last weekend when they came across the single remaining plushie of “The Child,” a k a Baby Yoda from the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian,” at a store.

“He was the last one on the shelf, just staring at us saying, ‘Take me with you! I need to go with you.’ So that’s kind of how it started,” Tinning told Oregon’s KPTV.

They purchased the doll and then dropped the now-iconic character at a supply drive for firefighters. The lad attached a handwritten thank-you note to firefighters — some of whom are separated from family right now — that read in part, “Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely,” and included a hand-drawn heart, the word “Love” and his scrawled first name.

“He loves to make people smile,” Tinning said of Carver’s outgoing nature.

The Baby Yoda plushie with Carver's hand-written note.
The Baby Yoda plushie with Carver’s hand-written note.Facebook

Since then, Baby Yoda has been making the frontline rounds, traveling to various fire camps as a “source of light and ‘Force’ in the world,” Oregon Department of Forestry representative Marcus Kauffman told The Register-Guard. The Child’s travels have been chronicled on a Facebook page, appropriately titled “Baby yoda fights fires,” that has been followed by more than 3,400 people. There, supporters lauded young Carver, saying, “The world needs more kids like you,” and commending him for being “an awesome little boy with a heart so big!!”

His grandmother also was gratified to witness the green toy’s uplifting journey.

“These ash-covered firefighters, just covered from head to foot, holding this Baby Yoda. Every one of those pictures just makes my heart warm,” Tinning said to KPTV.

The West Coast wildfires have burned nearly 200,000 acres so far and are predicted to cost more than $20 billion in damages.

“The Mandalorian” is up for several 2022 Emmys and has already taken the award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for the Season 1 episode titled “Chapter 2: The Child.” The virtual 72nd annual Emmys, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, will air at 8 p.m. Sunday on ABC.

Season 2 of the popular “Star Wars” spinoff series premieres on Oct. 30.

Frontline firefighters pose with Baby Yoda.
Frontline firefighters pose with Baby Yoda.Facebook

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