Abass Akande Obesere Reveals Why He Named His Grandson, Goodnews (PICS)

Popular Nigeria Fuji star, Abass Akande, otherwise called Obesere, became a grandfather a week ago and he is still euphoric with joy at the new addition to his more extended family.

In a meeting with Saturday Beats. Obesere uncovered the name he gave his grandchild and what informed it.

He said: 

The principal imagined that rung a bell when I heard that my daughter had been delivered of an infant was that I was getting old to the point that I had become a grandfather and I expressed gratitude toward God. I was really shocked when the news turned into a web sensation since I’m not the first individual to become a grandfather.

Likewise, good news infrequently ‘trend’ in Nigeria as individuals appear to like negative news more. It at that point occurred to me that God truly cherishes me and makes beneficial things transpire.

There is nothing extraordinary that I do. It’s simply God that guides me. Even when I got the chieftaincy title of ‘Agba Akin Bobagunwa of Yorubaland’, individuals didn’t criticise it.

Out of each 10 people that responded to the news, nine of them valued it. Additionally, on my birthday, January 28, I generally get great wishes from everywhere throughout the world, yet I have never hosted a birthday get-together. I, for the most part, spend it at home with my family.

God adores me so much and that is the reason I gave my grandson the name, Goodnews. I am cheerful that people consistently prefer to hear good news about me.

On if he would make any way of life changes to celebrate the birth of his grandson, the vocalist said: 

There is nothing I’m doing that is awful. I just continue doing the things I do that make people love me to such an extent. It is my music career that has made me well known and I express gratitude toward God that He has favored the work of my hand.


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