Accra Doctor cuts newly-wed patient’s intestines killing her in botched fibroid operation

It has come to light that a supposed medical doctor in Accra has caused the untimely death of a newly married woman after a botched medical operation to rid the woman of fibroid.

The woman had sought medical attention just six months after her marriage. In the course of the operation, the doctor mistakenly cut three of her intestines and stitched them up again. He however did not inform the woman of the mistake and the measure that was taken to remedy it. The woman was just let to go home without a word.

Later, the woman fell gravely ill and was taken to the hospital for medical attention. Initially, she was mistakenly diagnosed with corona virus. It turned out the diagnosis was wrong after several tests.

As her situation got worse, her father informed the medical personnel that she had undergone a medical procedure to remove fibroid.

Doctors then operated upon her and realised that the stitching on her intestines had given way and her excreta were mixed up contaminating her blood. The contaminated blood had already reached her brain and nothing could be done to save her life.

The medical doctor and the facility in which the operation was done is yet to be made public but a social media storm has greeted the news since a user made it public.

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