Actress Wumi says people should not hurt offline and forms maturity online

Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola has spoken out her feelings on the day of her birthday as she pens down new year resolution.

Hence, she has taken to her social media page to rant over some people she claims snitch on her.

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Also, She described herself as a free-spirited person who doesn’t harbor hatred, hurt, depression, or sadness in the name of being matured.

Furthermore, she said she doesn’t harbour hates, hurt acting matured.

However, In her words she wrote….

“So someone asked me what my NEW year Resolution is and i told the Person jokingly that,this new year,’I smell a rat,I fumigate”

“I am that person who wont harbour hates,hurt,depression,or sadness in the name of acting ‘MATURED’
If we are cool,awww bless God, if there is a rift,i show my displease,i show my hurt and i don’t play the victim.”

”I try to settle it if need be and if need NOT be,i just watch ,don’t mistake my identity,I am fashioned for Real queens and kings,i am not some of your “MATURED”souls if Maturity is about playing the victim and always looking for sympathy,we all have what we go through in life,don’t hurt people off line and form maturity online…”

The intelligent ones can relate..Its a new beginning for me and its all Love from this end..”

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