Barbara Corcoran: Mark Cuban’s wife won’t let him run for president

While Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he “hasn’t closed the door” on a potential presidential bid, his fellow “Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran says his wife would never let him do it.

Speaking to top real-estate association NYRAC, Corcoran addressed rumors about Cuban’s White House aspirations. She said, “I’ll tell you who I do believe, [Cuban’s] wife [Tiffany Stewart]. When I went to his 60th birthday about six months ago in Dallas, the person I most wanted to see was Mark’s wife and I said to her, ‘Are you going to let Mark run for president?’ and she said, ‘Absolutely not!’ And I believe her. And that’s what I think the real answer is.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week Cuban said on Hill.TV that he still may run as an independent. “[The door] was closed, but we have such crazy times and I’ve been getting so many requests that I at least want to keep the door open, but it’s still highly unlikely.” He added, “Right now we have nobody in the federal government that we can trust, yet we’re looking … for somebody who we can effectively trust with our lives … It’s not something I’m going to rush into, but it’s not something I’ve closed the door on.”

Well, his wife is certainly slamming it shut.


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