Be Grateful God Brought Northern, Southern Nigeria Together, Ex-Adamawa Commissioner Tells Secession Agitators

A former Commissioner for Information in Adamawa State, Ahmad Sajoh, has opposed agitations for the breakup of Nigeria.

Sajoh described the agitations as forceful and treasonable with the style of struggle.

He further advised those calling for secession to channel their energy to making Nigeria a better country.

Sajoh said separation is not the solution to the nation’s challenges, urging citizens to join hands to fix the current challenges.

NAN quoted him as saying, “We must appreciate God’s purpose in putting us together. Nigeria is better together.”

Sajoh observed belief in certain quarters that the only way to assume power is agitation.

According to him, it worked for the South-West in 1999, the South-South in 2011, and the North in 2015.

“There has been this pattern and it’s nothing new. However, what is happening today is a culmination of our slide towards anarchy.

“The agitations are not just forceful but somehow treasonable in some cases.

“Non-state actors having a hold of instruments of violence openly, it’s becoming a worrisome phenomenon.”

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