Beware of a fired-up Tom Brady

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a lot to learn about their new, future Hall of Fame quarterback. Most important: Don’t get in Tom Brady’s way on gameday, or he may knock you on your behind.

Former New England Patriots receiver Donte Stallworth once learned that the hard way in 2007, even after getting warned by then-running back Kevin Faulk.

“(Faulk) goes, ‘Stay away from Brady before we walk out,’” Stallworth told ESPN. “And he goes, ‘He’s gonna head-butt the s— out of you. He’s too fired up. Stay away from him, man.’

“I had kinda forgotten about it until he walked up to me and I’m like, ‘S— .’ And he like head-butts the hell out of me,” Stallworth said, “And I’m like, ‘This dude is like serious.’ I didn’t know that he was as competitive as he was. When people talk about [Michael] Jordan being as competitive as he was, that’s the same thing with Tom Brady.”

Tom BradyTom BradyBoston Globe via Getty Images

Brady, who will be 43 by his Buccaneers debut this coming season, gets revved up for games by engaging with fans and sometimes talking trash to the opposition. One game in particular stands out to Stallworth — the 2018 AFC Championship Game against the Jaguars, when notorious talker Jalen Ramsey got into it with Brady beforehand.

“And Tom’s giving it right back to him,” Stallworth said. “That’s who Brady is. I love to trash-talk, so when a quarterback does it, I’m like in love. … I’ve seen him get into it with Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis — yelling and cussing at them and they’re yelling and cussing at him back. He loves that stuff.”


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