Bishop Sam Zuga to launch “SAMZUGA CHAT” App

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Not relenting on his dreams and visions to make Nigeria a better place by providing alternative job opportunities for the agile youths, Bishop Sam Zuga is set to officially launch the first Mobile communication App in Africa, also the best communication App called, “SAMZUGA CHAT”

The App which is designed to work exactly and more effective than other communication APPS like, Whatsapp and others boasts of more interesting features.

The launch of the “SAMZUGA CHAT” is in accordance with the Samzuga vision 0202-2020 and to step up the “AFRICA WAKE UP” sensitization campaign.

The event which is slated to hold by 10am on Tuesday, May 5,  coincides with the 49th birthday of the Bishop.

The launch will take place at the SAMZUGA FOUNDATION OFFICE, as the occasion is expected to accommodate less than 20 people while the live coverage will be made available on his official Facebook page (bishop sam zuga page) and Instagram platform.

According to the philanthropic Cleric the capital intensive project has been successfully hosted by Google play store, Amazon store and other App stores around the Globe.

“The Launch is expected to accommodate less than 20 people but will create impact on millions of people in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. I will be eternally grateful if you can do this for me. You are specially invited to visit play store and other Apps stores to download the SamZuga Chat App. It is available on all platforms and devices,” he stated.

The Bishop also added that he plans to reward early users of this App pretty soon.

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