Boozing before taking Covid-19 jab useless – Dr Rita Larsen-Reindorf

The COVID-19 vaccine currently being administered by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) on Ghanaians to strengthen their immune system has no resistance to alcoholic beverages or any food as earlier claimed by other health experts

“The vaccine is resistant to nothing. But before you take your jab, make sure you have eaten…the vaccine is also not resistant to alcohol or any food, however one does not need to even drink before going for the injection because it is painless”, Ashanti Regional Deputy Director of Clinical Care, Dr Rita Larsen-Reindolf disclosed.

She disclosed that over Seventy five thousand four hundred and twelve people have so far been vaccinated in the Ashanti Region alone hoping those who have not yet received their jabs will also avail themselves to be vaccinated

“Everything is running smooth. We hope to capture more people when the system becomes normal”, Dr Rita Larson Reindolf disclosed to host, Aduanaba kofi Asante in an interview monitored by while highlighting some teething challenges of the exercise in the region.

Dr Rita Larsen-Reindolf also reacted to rumours and myths that the vaccine has been imported into the country to control birth among others among people in the sub-region.

“I have taken my jab and nothing bad is happening to me. Let’s stop the wait and see attitude. It’s safe. Taking the vaccine will make one immune system stronger to fight coronavirus”, the Deputy Director of Clinical Care, for Ashanti Region pointed out.

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