#BuhariMustGo Protesters Defy Heavy Rain, Ask President To Resign

Using the hashtag #Buharimustgo on Saturday, protesters defied heavy rain and staged a peaceful protest to demand good governance in Nigeria.

Heavy rain started around 8:00 am in Yola, the capital of Adamawa State, and lasted for over three hours. However, protesters stayed in the rain, calling on the Nigerian leader to relinquish power.

The protesters, who held banners of #Revolutionnow, called for a change in the country’s leadership, asking President Muhammadu Buhari to quit immediately.

The protesters wore black T-shirts marked with the inscription, ‘Buhari Must Go’, brandished #Revolutionow banners and chanted “freedom comes by struggle”.

They also lamented that Nigeria was under siege, saying, “We must act together to salvage our nation”.

The leader of the protesters, Tony Sudan Gompwel, told journalists that President Buhari and other political leaders had failed the country.

He said, “The kind of political leaders we have in our nation cannot give us the desired change.

“They’re hardened, they are tyrants, they’re bankrupt of ideas; that’s why great Nigerian youths are converging all over the nation to demand that they should leave the stage,” he said.

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