August 4, 2021

Checkout Three Newly Added Goal Celebrations On FIFA 21


It was announced that EA Sports have added Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland’s trademark celebrations to FIFA 21.

It is known that every year EA introduce new celebrations, with Dele Alli’s viral challenge, Mo Salah’s ‘Yoga’ and Roberto Firmino’s ‘Eye Patch’ celebration were all added last year.

With Fifa 21 coming out soon, as seen in the reveal trailer that dropped on Thursday, cover star Mbappe’s ‘cry-baby celebration will be added. The World Cup winner imitated a crying baby when he scored against Marseille in the 4-0 Le Classique back in October and immediately there was clamour for it to be in the next FIFA title.

Now, FIFA players will be able to celebrate the ultimate troll celebration when they find they score and some serious rage-quitting might just ensue.

Alternatively, Haaland’s sitting-down ‘Zen’ meditation celebration – which ended up being mocked by Mbappe, Neymar and PSG after they knocked out Borussia Dortmund out of the UEFA Champions League in March – has now made its way to the FIFA GOAL celebrations.

Expressing the celebration, Haaland told Esporte Interativo: “I really enjoy meditation.

“It makes feel calm and gives me tranquillity. This is why I sometimes celebrate like that when I score.”

There’s always huge interest as to what fresh celebrations will be put in the new FIFA game and going off the trailer, it appears as though another favourite is to be included.

Source; Tale Tela

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