Chinese state media mocks US response to coronavirus in viral video

The Chinese government is mocking US efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in a new video that stars the Statue of Liberty made of Legos.

A video titled “Once Upon a Virus” was posted this week to the official Twitter accounts of both the Chinese embassy in France and the state-run China Daily newspaper.

The animated short depicts what the Chinese describe as the US’ botched response to fighting the coronavirus.

The video shows a Chinese warrior from 2,000 years ago, also made of Legos, and the Statue of Liberty arguing about the deadly infection — with a Scott Joplin-esque piano rag playing in the background.

The animation lays out a version of events strongly favorable to the Chinese and critical of the Americans.

“We discovered a new virus,” the warrior proclaims.

“So what?” the statue replies.

“It’s dangerous,” the warrior responds.

“It’s only a flu,” the statue shouts back.

“Wear a mask,” says the warrior

“Don’t wear a mask,” says the statue.

The video is designed to show what the Chinese contend is the failure of the US response to the virus.

Lady Liberty’s last line: “We are always correct, even though we contradict ourselves.”

The warrior hurls one more insult before a red curtain falls: “That’s what I love best about you Americans, your consistency.”


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