Ciara finally shares the prayer that brought Russell Wilson into her life (video)

Ciara who is married to Russell Wilson has revealed the prayer she said that brought her husband into her life.

At the time, Clara was a single mother who shared a son with Future.

Her separation from Future had been bitter at the time, considering they were engaged to be married. Future reportedly cheated on her, hence the split.

Ciara opened up years later on The Red Table Talk about how the separation affected her, saying: “I’d have moments when I would be in the shower, I’d be crying. I had a few different settings — crying in the bedroom, crying in the shower … crying because I’m not in the happiest place, and it hurts what I’m going through.”

Ciara later found love, married Russell Wilson and went on to have two children with him.

She revealed earlier that she prayed for a man like her husband Russell Wilson.

During a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, the TV host asked Ciara what that prayer was.

Ciara responded that she envisioned everything she desired in a man, she was specific about the particular things she wanted, then she began declaring it in prayer and telling God about it, while envisioning her dream man in her mind

“I was just intentional in my thoughts and intentional in my prayers,” she said.

She said she also worked on herself and committed to loving herself.

She added: “So it was really me more so envisioning where I wanted to go, speaking life into where I wanted to go, writing down where I wanted to go, and then pressing go to get there.

Watch the video below.

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