Coffin allegedly stolen by Sakawa boys found inside Apostolic Church cemetery, rituals suspected

Residents of Mim in the Asunafo North Municipality of the Ahafo Region have been left in a state of shock after waking up Wednesday to see an uncovered stolen coffin at a cemetery in the community.

According to Kwaku Kwakye who is the carpenter who owns the coffin, the coffin was allegedly stolen from his workshop by Sakawa boys without the cover and he has since been looking for the coffin and to apprehend them.

All his efforts to find the coffin proved futile and had since forgotten about the coffin. But he was called on Wednesday, January 20, 2022 that the coffin had been found at the cemetery at the New Apostolic Church cemetery.

Some resident who were at the Cemetery to have a look at the coffin which has been missing for sometime now indeed they said the coffin had been involved in money rituals which is known in the local parlance as Sakawa.

They expressed shock at the fact that a coffin which has been stolen will end up at a Cemetery.

Source: Offei-Akoto/2021

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