Comedian Nasty Blaq talks about his ordeal with Nigerian Police

Popular Nigerian Instagram comedian, Nasty Blaq explained the ordeal he faced at the hands of the Nigerian police.

Furthermore, according to the an Instagram user @gossipmill, it said Nasty Blaq reached out to them on WhatsApp to explain his story.

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According to Nasty Blaq, he said;

“We were driving to the location where we are shooting our skits and they

stopped us and started pointing guns at us like we are wanted criminals.

They said we should follow them and I’m like officer follow you to where and

they never mentioned. I asked for their ID card, they refused to show me.

Already my friend is inside their bus
and the other police man enter my car.

They asked me to drive and I became scared because

that’s how my friend was kidnapped last year.

The kidnappers dressed like Police men.
So I went live on

Instagram so people will know my whereabout .

Furthermore, he continued saying;

Comedian Nasty Blaq talks about his ordeal with Nigerian Police

Then I stopped my car to question them again but they started yelling at me that

they are taking us to the station. I said officer check my phone and my car if I

have any exhibit ( which is the normal thing they do )

They said no that I must reach station
and I’m like why are we following you

people the next thing I heard was if I don’t enter the car they will shoot me.

That’s how I fearfully enter the car to avoid death story.

When we reached the station, they took my friend to the backyard and me to the

other side asking me to give them money, I said officer money for what?

He said we are scammers, that 95% of celebrities are into scam.

That I’m a scammer I should give them money. Thank God to my friends that got

involved in the matter Oluwadolarz and cuteAbiola. Who came to settle the case.

Check the video below;

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