Crisis Hits Oyo Scout Council As Members Accuse Commissioner Of Stealing N2million

Members of Oyo State chapter of Scout Council of Nigeria have asked the state government and the national body of the council to stop the Acting State Commissioner of the council (SSC), Adetunji Adepeju from partaking in any council activity to prevent a crisis in the state.

They alleged that the Commisioner was suspended by the national body, led by B. O. A. Oyetayo for allegedly embezzling N2 million which had been fixed in the council account since 2000. 

They said Adepeju was also accused of sacking many productive workers in the Secretariat.

Newzandar News reports that Nigeria Scout Council is a voluntary organisation involved in citizenship training and community service projects, services at national, state and community events, and providing first aid in case of disaster. 

In a swift reaction, the Commisioner in an interview with Newzandar News described the allegations as a mere distraction, adding that his colleagues were against him because he blocked some loopholes to generate revenue for the council.

He noted that the national body of the council lacks the power to sack him because he was not obliged to comply by their directives. 

Speaking in a petition issued after a protest organised by members of the Association and signed by a former state Commisioner of the council, Dr. Moses Adekunle Tella and his former counterpart, Mr. Segun Fatope, the group against Adepeju said the state government should ignore his request to train pupils in the state. 

The petition reads, “Our members have resolved to stop inhuman activities of the acting Commisioner of the Scout Association of Nigeria in Oyo state. 

“As honour to our heroes past, Mr. Tunji Adepeju was elected for one year, considering the enormous contributions of his father, the late Pa. Adepeju but unfortunately, the respect and honour accorded him have been insulted. He is not a trained scout. 

“On his assumption of office, Adepeju suprisingly broke (sic) the N2 million fixed deposit of the council and refused to give account of the money spent. When we asked questions, he asked us to go to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

“He has sent away all our technical and experienced scouts.”

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