Cristina Cuomo is ‘feeling well’ after testing positive for coronavirus

Cristina Cuomo is in good health after becoming ill with the coronavirus, she declared in an Instagram post on Tuesday evening.

“I am so grateful to be feeling well again, and I wish for everyone’s safety and health,” the caption read, alongside a photo of the “wellness worshipper” jumping on a beach on a sunny day — wearing sunglasses and dressed head to toe in white, holding a straw hat.

Cristina’s husband, the CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, broke the news that his wife tested positive for the coronavirus — two weeks after he was diagnosed — during a broadcast in his South Hampton basement earlier this month.

In Tuesday’s Instagram post, the wellness blog editor invited her 114,000 followers fans to join a live yoga class, as well as a discussion on mental health and skin health.

Cristina, 50, was criticized for her unconventional ideas on how to fight COVID-19, after she published a list of preparations titled “The Cuomos’ Corona Protocol” on the website the Purist.

She recommended supplements to defeat the virus included a vitamin IV drip, Peruvian tree bark and bleach baths.

“I also rented a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) machine, which optimizes the ability of cells to start healing. It uses low-energy fields to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the cells after a physical injury or a viral attack on the body’s tissues or bones,” Cristina wrote in her blog.

She also said bleach is “technically salt” and she used it to “combat the radiation and metals in my system,” in direct contrast to warnings given by Clorox that contact with skin should be avoided.

Chris and Cristina’s 14-year-old son, Mario, contracted the coronavirus — following the infections of his father and mother, last week.

Cristina concluded her emoji-filled post, saying a “spiritual teacher @guidedbybiet will help set our collective energy toward healing the world + ourselves.”


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