Dead seals with bite marks washing up in Maine after deadly shark attack

Dead seals with giant bite marks are washing up along Maine shores in wake of the deadly great white shark attack that claimed the life of a New York retiree, according to reports.

A 5-foot long seal with an 18-inch bite wound washed ashore Tuesday in Cundys Harbor — next door to Bailey Island where Julie Dimperio Holowach was mauled to death by a shark Monday, CBS News 13 reported.

A reporter from the outlet tweeted a gory photo of the animal’s bloody wound.

Researchers believe the seal suffered injuries from a shark bite.

On Tuesday, another dead seal washed up in Phippsburg with bite marks — while other seals were spotted swimming near the shore, the outlet reported.

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute blamed the recent increase in shark sightings in the area on laws that protect the sea predators and marine mammals, like seals.

“A more likely explanation for the recent increase in white shark sightings along the Maine coast is that both the white sharks and their main prey (seals) are protected and have been for quite some time,” the institute said.

Officials believe the shark that fatally attacked Holowoch while she was swimming likely mistook her for a seal –because she was wearing a black wetsuit at the time.

Source: Newzandar News

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