Demolition of embassy building: Ghana will face consequences – Nigerian Reps

The House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs says Ghana must face the consequences of the demolition of the Nigerian Embassy staff quarters in Accra.

The chairman, Yusuf Buba, in a statement on Monday, said what happened was an external aggression that infringed the International Rights of Nigeria.

The country had claimed that unknown persons carried out the act.

Buba called the demolition a gross violation of all conventions and treaties on diplomatic relations and friendship between both countries.

He quoted a witness who narrated how a heavy-duty bulldozer arrived at the diplomatic premises at late hours of the night and broke through the gate.

The bulldozer demolished four units of the nearly-completed four-bedroom block of flats.

Buba noted that several frantic efforts were made by members of the Nigeria Mission to report what was ongoing to both the Ghana Police Service and their Foreign Affairs Ministry.

He lamented that “no reprieve, we were told, came the way of the Nigerian diplomats. We further learnt that, even when the Police finally arrived at the scene, they could not do anything”.

The chairman explained that the present Nigeria mission in Accra, constituted four hectares of land that was officially allocated to Nigeria as part of the agreement.

He recalled that Nigeria possessed all necessary legal titles and certifications, including site plan, payment receipts and allocation papers from the Ghanaian authorities.

The chairman condemned the act of “trespass”.

He stated that Ghana “violated many articles in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1949 and, therefore, must be sanctioned”.

Buba said the House of Reps stand resolute to do everything within its powers to review, re-appraise and re-examine the Nigeria-Ghana relationship.

“We shall deploy all legislative means, including exploring and invoking all necessary rules, regulations and instruments that guide our common membership in other parliaments, to compel Ghana to answer for this act of gross violation”, he vowed.


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