Denrele Edun finally reveals sexual orientation

Nigerian crossdresser and entertainer, Denrele Edun has been the source of quite a few controversies. One of which is the question of his sexuality. Perhaps, due to his feminine and flamboyant nature, a lot of people have wondered if he is indeed homosexual.

However, Denrele Edun has now made some revelation about his sexuality during an Instagram live session with @Jaycee_talks.

According to Denrele Edun, his sex life has had the best of both worlds. He said that some people have come with different labels as regards to his sexual orientation over the years.

In his words;

“My people, in case you’re wondering, let me just drop this here. E go be like say I no dey knack woman, I dey knack woman pieces. Let’s just say I have had the best of both worlds”.

Does this mean he is bisexual?


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